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Moldova is a small and uniquely charming country, between Romania and Ukraine in the furthest reaches of Eastern Europe.
It’s the people that make Moldova special! Travel to any corner of Moldova and you will find genuine, friendly interactions with warm and open people. As well, Moldova is one of the safest countries in Europe.

Wine is the pride of the Moldovan people and it’s what makes this country truly special.

Each corner of Moldova has its own unique identity. No visit to Moldova is complete without a trip to this picturesque valley, echoing with stories stretching back millennia.

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Do You love a good wine?

Come and see our special wine cellars, tens of kilometers long, and or a collection of millions of bottles of wine. Some of these cellars are included in the Guinness World Records. Taste your way around Moldova, trying our historic local grape varieties and award-winning blends.

Wine producers from across the country, from large famous companies to small and crafty artisans, are waiting for you during the National Wine Day of Moldova, making October the perfect time to visit Moldova, and each year you can see our national pride growing more and more.

Each corner of Moldova has its own unique identity.

From Gagauz in the south to the Rome minority in the north or cross the Dniester River to its left bank, you will find Transnistria, a territory where time has stood still you will never forget this colorful trip and how you got to know such a unique group of people.

Our national cuisine will surprise you with its honesty, simplicity and richness. Close your eyes and dream of a savory soup called Zeamă, cooked with homemade noodles, and Mămăliga – a dish made from cornmeal – which is cut with a thread and served with Moldovan cheese, sour cream and a meat stew, Tocană.

Our special pies, Plăcinte, are prepared from a thin, flaky pastry with a variety of fillings: cabbage, cottage cheese, apple, pumpkin or cherry – the choice is yours! Isn’t your mouth watering yet? If you’re not overwhelmed by the warmth of our people, then it’s our food that will win your heart.

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